Christian Braneon, PhD

Head of Climate Justice

Environmental Science & Policy + Geospatial Analysis + Climate Justice

Dr. Christian Braneon is Head of Climate Justice at Carbon Direct.

Dr. Braneon leads the integration of climate justice into Carbon Direct’s culture, operations, and services across the carbon management industry.

Background & Bio

Dr. Braneon brings a broad range of experience in climate science and civil engineering as well as environmental and climate justice to Carbon Direct. He co-leads the Environmental Justice and Climate Just Cities Network at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, serves as Co-Chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change, and sits on the newly formed Center for Climate Solutions’ Advisory Committee, which was established to further New York City’s efforts to respond to the climate crisis.

Prior to joining Carbon Direct, Dr. Braneon served as a climate scientist in the Climate Impacts Group of NASA GISS and as Co-Director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s inaugural Environmental Justice Academy for community leaders.


PhD, Civil Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

MS, Civil Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

BS, Civil Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

BS, Applied Physics

Morehouse College


Quantification of Historic and Future Changes in Atlantic Coastal Marshes and Implications for Global Modeling


Robert H. Goddard Award

AXA Award for Climate Science

Climate Action Plan Award

White House