Amber Kerr, PhD

Science Advisor

Soil Carbon + Forest Management

Dr. Amber Kerr is a Science Advisor for forest management.

Her role is to objectively evaluate the technical and biological feasibility of land-based carbon sequestration projects.

Background & Bio

Dr. Kerr is an agricultural ecologist with a strong interest in undergraduate education. She is currently working as an adjunct faculty member at UC Berkeley during the summer and at Las Positas College in Livermore during the academic year. She teaches classes in basic biology, applied ecology, climate science, and sustainable energy.

Dr. Kerr completed her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group in Fall 2012. Her dissertation focused on agroforestry (growing trees together with crops) as a tool for drought adaptation in southern Africa. Dr. Kerr has several years of field experience in Malawi and Kenya, but has also worked on a variety of research projects in California. Her core topics of expertise are ecology, agriculture, climate, and sustainable development.


PhD, Energy and Resources Group

UC Berkeley

MS, Earth Systems

Stanford University

BS, Earth Systems

Stanford University